Tapping Our Trees and Processing the Sap

Tapping Our Trees & Processing the Sap

We tap our trees very carefully so as not to harm them. A small hole is drilled in each tree that is to be tapped and a tap with a pipe on it is inserted. The pipe runs into a food grade bucket from where we can collect the sap. Here our some of our trees with taps in Spring 2017:

The sap is then filtered and run into a larger collecting tank where it will be passed through a further filter and then reverse osmosis machine still within the woodland. The reverse osmosis machine removes around 80% of the water from the sap. We try to minimise the volume of liquid that we have to move about to reduce our carbon footprint.

The concentrate is then moved the 3/4 mile to our evaporating and bottling plant. Its then slowly and very gently heated to evaporate more water until we have syrup. We try to avoid boiling our syrup which can damage the flavour. The evaporating process requires great care of the syrup will burn and spoil. Once the required concentration is reached we again filter the syrup transfer the syrup to our hot bottling equipment and then its ready to ship.